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Kender West's designer and founder Julie Wells never intended to start a jewelry and home decor company. In fact, the rocky economic times of 2008 should have prevented it altogether. The fact that the business was started and that it grew into something that both satisfies and sustains is a testament of God's grace and His mysterious ways. Every opportunity for Kender West to grow and expand is because God opened a door just when it was needed. Kender West gives a playful spin on the colorful handstrung beaded necklaces that look like that expensive collector piece of jewelry, but the price points are surprisingly affordable. And, the rustic home decor line features wall signs, buckle frames and attitude blocks that complement many decor themes including a spiritual feeling to surround your home. The driving force behind the business is to create funky, affordable pieces that can have a positive impact on your world. According to Wells, she has been blessed to use her creative abilities to grow and learn and serve while simultaneously demonstrating a faithful heart to the will of God.

"I am not a perfect person; far from it," Wells said. "I say things I shouldn't. I get angry. I do things I know I shouldn't. I'm a Christian but I am also a sinner. Each day I try to live a life that leaves the world around me better than how I found it. I try to help people and encourage when I can and put in an honest day's work every day. I'm blessed to do what I love and work with people who make me better. I am not a perfect person. But, my God is perfect and that is all I need to know."